New Man Journey—Begin New Man Journey—Begin


Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step in discovering your New Man. And just who is that? What resemblance does he have to the man you’ve been all these years? Will you
recognize him when you meet him? Will others when they encounter him? Will everything change at once? Will anything ever change? Is it too late for you? Is this necessary? Is this for real? Is this what you’ve been searching for?

Good questions. Those of us who have taken this step have all asked them. All will be answered during the course of your journey. For now, let’s consider the first. “Just who is your New Man”. What if I were to tell you he’s the man you were created to be but have not yet become? Have you ever thought about that? Ever wondered about all the lost oppotunities and regretful detours? Ever wish you could have those choices over? Had the desire to retrace your life and set a different course? What would that have looked like? Which decisions would you shun? How would you have behaved differently toward your wife? Your children? Your friends? Co-workers? Employees? What difference might all that have made?

You get the idea. If you’re really honest, you’d change a lot of your past. Why? Because you’re human and flawed. That’s right, flawed. Our mutual human condition. Our inevitible sentence to try and try to be our very best “us”, only to fall short. Only to screw up over and over. Oh sure, you’ve accomplished a lot and aren’t a bad person. In fact, you’re a good person. But, that doesn’t erase your missteps and regrets. It doesn’t mitigate those unfortunate times when you took your hands off the wheel. And, it doesn’t prevent you from doing so in the future.

I have great news. This all ends now. With your New Man discovery. Press this REFRESH button to start your journey. It’s the real deal. Sealed with an eternal promise.